5 relaxing hobbies for people who always have something to do

Zauberwürfel lösen für Menschen, die entspannende Hobbys suchen

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I don’t pursue any particular hobby in my free time. My hobby is making things. Sounds strange, but it is. I like to try out all sorts of different things. One result of this is my online shop, where I have uploaded a few of my favourite products that I like to make in my free time. What I need to avoid being permanently “productive” are relaxing hobbies for the sofa.

Of course, I also find times when I manage to do nothing at all. But sometimes I just feel like doing something that doesn’t make sense but is still relaxing. By “not useful”, I mean that it serves no “productive” purpose, but primarily to entertain my hands. And here are my top 5 activities away from my mobile phone for people who always need to be doing something.

Solve Rubik's cube

Solving Rubik’s cubes is the perfect activity for me when I want to sit on the sofa, think very little and get a sense of achievement. I’ve been solving the 3×3 Rubik’s cube for years and I’m good at it, even if I’m not the world record holder. It’s my turn to learn the steps for the 4×4 cube. So I love picking up the 3×3 when I’m watching a series or film and solving it, releasing it again, solving it again and so on.

Draw pattern

The biggest hurdle when painting and drawing is always that it has to result in something. A beautiful picture, a beautiful pattern, a beautiful composition. How often does that stop me from drawing? Often. I have a simple solution for this and it’s called drawing patterns. Firstly, I draw different shapes on a sheet of paper. Sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. Until the sheet is full. Then I start filling the shapes with different patterns. Maybe you’ll turn it into a work of art, but for me it’s just a nice activity.


Only found in guest bathrooms at relatives’ houses, right? Easy to moderately difficult puzzles are the perfect solution for me when my hands want to do something. At the same time, my brain is gently exercised without being overtaxed. Sudokus don’t run away when I put them aside and I’m happy when I’ve completed one. The blocks are often small and handy and I can take them with me everywhere.

Crochet and knitting

Now she’s unpacking everything “old-fashioned”, isn’t she? If you can crochet or knit and don’t have to think about it so much, I think it’s a great way to relax. I can work round after round or row after row while listening to podcasts or music. The important thing for me is not to stress about finishing something. I’m all about the process. And whether it’s a hat or a jumper, whether I keep it or give it away, I can get it out at any time and continue working on it or leave it for a while. It doesn’t matter.

Design photo albums

Print out a few pictures from the past year, get yourself a nice photo album and some double-sided sticky labels and get to work. This is also a great side activity that you can do from the comfort of your sofa. And with a super useful result. Everyone loves looking at photo albums from the past. Don’t stress about it. Even a photo album has no time limit by which it has to be finished. Create beautiful pages without stress and enjoy the process.

These are 5 activities that give my hands something to do while I relax on the sofa. They also manage not to keep me busy with my mobile phone or MacBook. Because there’s always something “productive” to do there. I hope I’ve been able to give you some inspiration for your own relaxed free time with this post.

P.S. If you want to make a low poly dachshund in a relaxed way, this could also be something for you 🙂

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