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Illustration collection by fanjatastisch

You can find my favourite illustrations here in my collection. There are digital illustrations, watercolours and abstract works. Have fun browsing.

Illustrations with heart: insight into my collection

In the multi-faceted world of illustration, I have created a collection that reflects my deepest passion for visual storytelling. Each illustration you find here reflects a theme that is close to my heart and has brought me great joy. They are windows into different worlds, capturing both familiar and fantastical scenes and celebrating the diverse beauty of our existence.

From the quiet, pastel-toned sketches that capture stillness and reflection, to vibrant depictions that excite with their energy and variety of colour, each illustration is an expression of my joy in the creative process. I have captured moments of calm as well as bursts of joy that resonate in the colours and shapes of my work. It is the attention to detail that can be found in the fine lines of a portrait and the expressive patterns of an abstract composition.

My illustrations are testimonies to the themes that inspire me and make me think. I invite you to move through my collection, to explore the different scenarios and to feel the emotions that are in every single work. May these images also inspire you to discover your own creativity and celebrate the small pleasures that enrich life. Discover the variety and depth of the illustrations that I have created with great care and dedication to not only decorate, but to touch and move.

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